About Us

Under the remarkable leadership of Logan Howe (director of Merchant Invest Limited), our company has grown into a leading online investment platform. When you are choosing Merchant Invest Limited first of all you choose a permanent and reliable financial partner, already established for 10 years, with whom you will be able to work in the coming years. We assure about stable earning and high profit with Merchant Invest once you join us. We have DDOS protection in our site & Commodo SSL verified so that your information is absolutely safe with us & hacker proof too. The offered investment terms imply the indefinite financing our company from your side in return for guaranteed long-term income. We are a team of experts in various sectors related to cryptocurrency, traffic arbitrage, affiliate networks, promissory notes & short term loans markets. With the advent of cryptocurrency (Bitcoins & other alt-coins) we were one of the first to acknowledge the potential of cutting-edge digital currencies and thoroughly examined all aspects of its trading. Making money with any sort of commodity investment is simple in theory; buy low, sell high. So the same logic applies in case of advertisements( traffic arbitrage, arbitrage, affiliate networks), promissory notes & short term loans markets. This prompted us to trade sensibly in these markets to generate stable profits. The company's team closely monitors all the changes in the world of cryptocurrencies, traffic arbitrage, affiliate networks, promissory notes & short term loans markets and updates trading strategies as necessary.

The main objective of Merchant Invest Limited is to achieve the highest profits by investing the money of our investors in the cryptocurrency market and other financial markets. If you would like to start earning money without leaving your home, you should take advantage of services offered by Merchant Invest Limited. Our company is a team of highly skilled traders, exchangers & managers who work 24/7 to provide highest returns for each of our investors.To optimize the cost and improve the quality of financial management Merchant Invest Limited accepts investments and offers favorable conditions for its partners around the world. In addition to the income from cryptotrading, we offer services of financial arbitration, which allows us to earn as a result of our trading activity on the crypto exchanges. Our accounts are active on the largest crypto-exchanges where we use various currency pairs as a trading instrument. In 2016, the company made a decision about launching the development of the investment direction, the financial assets of which will be used to cover the running costs and maintenance of bank loans. Our offer is eternal and we are pleased to see among our clients from all corners of the world. Please familiarize yourself with Merchant Invest Limited terms before the start of cooperation. Detailed information about Merchant Invest Limited is available on the official website of UK registrar of companies - Companies House. You can see the information in the following link https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10459770